GLDN Studio

sustainable & intentional design for conscious brands + change makers
// rooted in
minimal style +
an ethical approach
we believe in
Positive change
Conscious living
Intentional creation
Big Dreams
Deliberate simplicity
Defying exceptions
Loving ALL
Thoughtful collaboration
Open mindedness
Genuine connection
Deep laughter
Grounded Beauty
Using our voice
Positive change
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(based in London
working Worldwide)

the studio //

Based in England but working worldwide, we are holistic creative studio working with eco-conscious and conscientious brands to make a lasting social or environmental impact through sustainable and intentional design. 

The founder and Leader Designer, Ruth, has spent last 6 years as a research-based creator. As industry professionals our creative output is committed to a set of conscious guidelines, these are the benchmarks for each project we embark on.

01. people

We are all a part of an interconnected collective, where our actions have a direct impact on everything around us. In a world where bias can lead to discrimination and hate, through our work we practice amplifying the voices of those who feel on the sidelines. 

02. planet

Our design approach is rooted in an extensive knowledge of responsible and conscious methodologies, both in digital and physical practices. Each design we create acts as an example of how things can be done transparently and ethically. 

03. change

At GLDN Studio we believe we have an urgent duty to contribute toward building a sustainable future and engage in the creation of a better world for both people and the planet. That is why each year, we pledge to donate to and support two non-profts, Women's Environmental Network and Greenpeace.

capabilities //




À la carte 

À la carte

our philosophy //

a few of my favourite things:
Mother Earth 
BLM ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽
White Sand Beaches
Sunday Mornings 
ALL of the Plants
Country Music
Mother Earth 
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